#1 Mental Madness (Overview)

The Project

I am going to do it again! Take on something that is unknown to me, something extremely tough to do and something that most people are telling me is just damn right stupid! To raise the stakes, I am going to enter a team of three non-athletes…all three, technically, medically unfit for such an event 🙂

In six weeks we will be leaving South Africa and the UK to take part in a 250km self-sustaining extreme desert marathon in the Namibian desert. The team consists of Amelia Henning, 56 year old that suffered server trauma to her leg in 2010 and struggling with all the complications (hip, back, etc) as a result ever since. Bronwynne Bird, a 31 year old mom from England, suffering from an incurable diseases of the inner ear, called Meniers Disease. And there is me, 42 year old with Patellofemoral syndrome (causing server pain in the knee) and some issue with my Achilles tendon that makes me currently go “ouch” with every step.

So why are we doing it? Well, there are two reasons!

Reason #1: I want to show them (the two ladies) how incredible their minds are. How within only six weeks, they will be able to manage the physical obstacles and mental challenges they face and successfully complete an event that only a few top athletes will ever attempt to do! I want to show them that our “stuckness” in life is on a belief level, and once the beliefs shift, the body comes with!

Reason #2: So that you have no excuses! What are you waiting for? What is the thing that you have placed on hold for so long that you can hardly remember what it was? In this blog I will take you step-by-step through how I prepare them and myself to take on a seemingly impossible event for us to do and I hope you will be able to learn and apply so that you can also make your move and take on that thing you have placed on hold for way to long.

What to expect? Short, very raw videos of me sharing my mental prep with you. No edits, no green screen, just me sharing all my tips and tricks with you. I will try to get at least two of them up for you every week!

Now it is your move! Think about what you want and let me show you how to get there.

Thank You Cape Union Mart for supporting our mental madness adventure. Adventures first start in the mind, but you make it a tangible reality!

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  1. What a great opportunity Cobus!I look forward to the desert and challenging my mind .Thank you for your teachings and support the past 11 months.Lets go !Feeling good feeling positive.