#2 Mental Madness – where do I start? (Part 1)

The number one question people ask me is, “where do I start?” In this series I will take you from start to finish on my journey of mental preparation. But let us start at the start! In Part 1 of Where do I start, I am sharing with you a profound truth that is about to rock your world!

To summarize!  We hardly ever live in the “now,” even though the “now” is the only thing that is somehow real. We continuously live in the past (memory) and the future (imagination). Our brain creates the experience that they are very real, even though we know that in reality they do not exist.

Once you understand this, you can control the past and use it to create an adventurous, successful and abundant future!  You might think, “but that is impossible!” Is it? You are currently planning what to eat next, based on your past experience with food. What TV programme are you going to watch next…most likely something that you have watched in the past and you want to see what is happening next? What time are you going to get up tomorrow? Using your past experience to plan your future and make that future a reality is something that you have done by default your whole life! So let us use the same process and ask, “what do I want?” And just like you use your past experience of food to plan your future meal and make it happen…so too we can use your past experience to make it happen! So stay tuned, I will show you how to do it!

If you want more or dig deep with me, give me a shout and I will tell you more about “The Neuroscience of Getting Unstuck Course” Super fun and life changing! It will move you from surviving to thriving!

Stay tuned for our next post where I will share with you some practical application, and feel free to ask questions, leave comments or ask for more clarity.

Once again, thank you Cape Union Mart, for supporting our Mental Madness Project. The adventure always starts in our minds, but you help us transform it into reality.

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