# 3 Mental Madness – where do I start (part 2)

All of us had to face a mammoth task at some stage in our lives and we doubted in that moment if we would be able to do it or complete it successfully. Yet, we did! Somehow we managed to pull it off. When I prepare mentally for a big task ahead of me, I revisit those moments. The past only exists as a memory (a neuro pathway) in my brain and this is wonderful, because now I can access it at any time to shape my future for me. Let me quickly explain to you how I do it…

So now I want you to try this. Get a journal and a pen and write down 10x events/projects/tasks/times where you faced something big and yet, you were victorious! What did that feel like? Try to relive that moment. Now, stay in that moment and flick you thinking upwards toward the new task that is ahead of you. Propel all that emotions of success towards this new idea and see what happens (tip: become aware of the new conversation you are having with yourself.

Member’s question: “I am not doing a big event, but struggle with public speaking in general. Will this technique help for that?” @Sandra

Hi Sandra! Yes absolutely, let me quickly suggest something to you.

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