#6 Mental Madness – Interview with Bronwynne

I have landed in Walvis, will leave for Camp 1 in the desert tomorrow, do equipment and medical checks on Saturday and start the madness on Sunday…yep, the day of rest will not see a great amount of rest (sorry mom).

I decided to check in with Bronwynne a few days ago just to hear how she is coping. My journey started with Bronwynne last year when I she attended one of my courses, Mentally Tough for Weight Loss. It was all about Neuroscience, the mind and weight loss. Fast forward just a few months, Bronwynne then, overweight and struggling with Meniere’s Disease (really sucky disease that causes dizziness, loss of hearing and vomiting) will be landing in Walwis tomorrow and join me at Camp 1 on Saturday. I have asked Bronwynne what triggers her Meniere’s and she said, heat, thirst and stress….ok, so everything we will be facing in the desert!

I took our hour long conversation and turned it into 15min for you…

Stay tuned for the next blog…it will be all about day 1 of the race!

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