#7 Mental Madness: She did it! Check.

In one way I feel ecstatic that Bronwynne ran and finished a 250km desert race! I am like, “wow, how is this even possible?!” But at the same time I feel, “obviously she would have finished the race. She had done the mental prep, applied her learning, and shifted beliefs, thus impossible to not be successful.” This dualistic, schizophrenic feeling of, “ecstatic” followed by “duh, obvious” is something I got very used to over the years, as I have set impossible goals and then achieve it. Like Nelson Mandela use to say, “It always seems impossible, until it is done.” Well done Bronwynne…what an inspiration you are!

Ok, so now it is your turn! What seems impossible to you, yet you really want it? Why are you waiting? If you want a nudge in the direction, go to The Neuroscience of Getting Unstuck course to set you up for success! You cannot waste one more day. You are more than what you think you are – you are so worthy.

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