It’s been 6 months…

Do you realize it’s been 6 months since 1 January 2022, when we made our inspiring and life-changing New Year’s Resolutions? Half the year has gone by, and how is it going?

Are those pesky kilos still hanging around? Or have you finally got rid of the smoking habit for good? What about your peaceful, reflective early morning routine? Are you enjoying the life of 2022 that you really wanted for yourself?

Maybe you’re more like me right now. I told myself this was the year that I would break my coffee habit. It’s an unhealthy addiction that kicks in the second I wake up every morning.

It’s not that I mind the coffee so much, it’s more that I mind the addiction. The fact that I am literally dependent on it to face the day and keep headaches at bay. Surely that can’t be good!!

So, I made it really easy for myself way back in January. I decided I don’t want to cut caffeine out for good. After all, some days you just need that lekker cappuccino for a little pick-me-up comfort! But, if I could drop down to just having one cup every now and then that would mean I can function optimally without litres of caffeine pumping through my veins.

I remember I was super motivated!! I felt healthier just thinking about the goal! And January went well, even February wasn’t too bad. I had pushed down my craving to just two cups a day!

But then…

I discovered a new app on my phone that you can use to order cappuccinos from all the local spots ahead of time, and just drive up and pick up that beautiful steaming cup of delicious coffee. And last month it gold cold, really cold. And I needed to drink something warm so I could think straight while working from home. And there’s only so many cups of tea you can drink in a day. And doesn’t tea have caffeine in it as well? And hot chocolate is so full of sugar, I don’t want to fill up on that. And who wants to suffer by drinking a mug of plain, hot water?

I think you can guess where this is going…

It’s six months later and I’m back to drinking more coffee than ever!

If this sounds like your 2022 journey, I want to tell you that there is hope for us.

At LifeXchange, we promise people on a daily basis that we have something better for you than any New Year’s Resolutions you could make for yourself. We have the neuroscience behind change. We have the knowledge of what it takes to make change happen for your life. To help you get rid of the weight problem you’ve been carrying around for good. To kick any bad habits you’ve been trying to stop for years for once and for all. To push yourself out of your comfort zone and get the life (and lifestyle) you’ve always wanted for yourself.

And the good news is it’s easy. It’s easy because it starts in our own head. Our own thinking. Cobus breaks it down for us here:

We’ve got six months left of 2022…

Plenty of time to make the changes we wanted to see way back in January. In fact, we can show you how to change your life and get unstuck in less than just 6 hours.

If you’re a fellow addict like me and you want to get off the New Year’s Resolution merry-go-round. If you’re sick of the ups and downs when it comes to trying to be more healthy, get more confidence, make better decisions…you name it in any area of your life! Then don’t waste another second – sign up to our new Neuroscience of Getting Unstuck course right now!

At a special introductory price of just R550, it’s a steal!

Let Cobus take you on a journey to show you how to get unstuck and become the person you wish you could be.

Here’s to a 2022 version 2.0! We’ve got this!!

Tammy “Caffeine-Free” Oosthuizen

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