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Here is where it all happens! We cannot wait for the fairy godmother to grant our wishes, for the winning lottery ticket, or even for the government to do as they promised. What if this never happens? If something needs to happen in my life, I need to make it happen! This platform is a place where people cause the change they want in their lives. For some, this will be their very first step toward causing change, while others are veterans on the change journey. In this community we all pull together to share our knowledge, experiences, and what works and what doesn't when it comes to the change we want in our lives. We will have the experts doing webinars, the experienced sharing their wisdom, and our scientific bloggers sharing the most helpful and recent information but most importantly, every person on a journey of change,  will share the ups and downs of the process to keep us all real and relevant! We will also follow those (All In Members) that are on a special journey of change with a LifeXchange Change Partner not only observing the inspiring transformations as it happen but also becoming the biggest fans and support for those on that special journey! "Real, sustainable change is that moment when you discover something that causes you to never go back to the old way of thinking and doing."  - Dr.  Cobus Oosthuizen (active member and participant of this community) This platform is all about creating these change moments.

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