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Whenever I see SQ on a menu, I now the item will be expensive so I will not even consider ordering it! However, if I really really really want it, I will at least ask what it will cost! And this is where we will start. What if I can guarantee, that we can help you change that one thing in your life that has always kept you much will that be worth to you? What will you invest (not necessarily in LifeXchange) to experience that change?  I do believe we can make such guarantees if you are will to go into an "all in" partnership with us. We know that on average a New Years resolution lasts only for 6 weeks! In fact, most changes people take on, starts with high energy, hope and excitement and mostly end in loss of energy, disappointment and a lingering feeling of failure.  When you understand the human brain however (our expertise), this "failing" is very normal human behaviour, so don’t be hard on yourself! We know that there are 4 things to keep in mind when a person wants to experience real lasting change:
  1. Nobody think the way you do. When you consider that how you think is more unique than a finger print you will soon learn that, that is your greatest gift! It is also unfortunately the reason why a programme, process or plan that works for one person, will not necessarily work for another person.
  2. Aware is everything! If you do not understand, at a deeper level, why you got stuck in the first place, you will not be able to go on a journey to unstick yourself!
  3. Skills you can have all the awareness in the world, but not knowing what to do with it will give you no forward movement.
  4. Accountability is something the brain does not like since one of the brain’s main functions is to keep you you (even if you are detrimental to yourself) and would always like to find a way out of the change.
The "All-in" Membership is really about all in for the change you want and attacks all 4 elements above by:
  • customising a process that fits your thinking process
  • use neuroscience methodology to create awareness
  • use specific skills to change thinking patterns, key stone behaviours and paradigms to reach set goals/targets.
  • have an assigned “strategic change partner” (qualified mentor or coach)  checking in weekly to test learning, track growth, motivate and plan next steps. Your brain will struggle to get out of this one!
Life is to short to wait a minute longer – let us together, help to create the purposeful, happy & successful life you are worthy of living. How does this work? By checking out below you will be signed up automatically as a LifeXchange Community Member (R69 per month) that will give you access to all the webinars, blogs, free courses and material as well as, expert advice on growth and development. After you have signed up, alarm bells will go off in the LifeXchange office notifying our Strategic Change Partners (qualified mentors and coaches) that there is a person that is serious about change! Within 48 hours you will receive contact from one of them booking a consultation with you where you start developing a custom plan for you  by discussing
  • your stuck point (what you want to see change)
  • the process (how it will work)
  • the investment you will make (how much is this change worth to you?)
  • the duration of the journey
Once the above is determined you will receive a payment notification for the "All-in" membership with a customised investment (a negotiated price) and once you have made the payment it is all systems go!!! If you need any support, do not hesitate to email:  

The price for membership is R 69.00 per Month.

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