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Empowering self-esteem so you can live radiantly and in full colour!

  • Hybrid Zoom and online study course
  • Start your journey with the Neuroscience of Getting Unstuck and apply the principles to focus and fire up your self-esteem development
  • 20% off Colour Analysis consultation for image styling




Become the most interesting person in the room, delighting people and relationships with your confident and grace-filled conversations.

  • ***Take note!! Neuroscience of Getting Unstuck is a prerequisite to this course. For this intake only: when you purchase Live Brave, you will receive a discount code and get  The Neuroscience of Getting Unstuck ABSOLUTELY FREE ***

  • A safe space to grow in confidence and practice with friends
  • 20% off Colour Analysis consultation for image styling
  • ”The Real Deal” Guarantee: if you don’t experience any change in your life after this course, we’ll refund you AND give you coaching to make the change happen

Are you stuck in the comparison trap in your mind? Do you constantly find yourself falling short of the perfection you expect from yourself? Do you often wish you could be more like other people – better looking, more charming, a natural conversationalist, glowing with confidence and courage?

Let me tell you I feel your struggle. I’ve been there… a shy, insecure and soft-spoken young woman. Hoping that I was not seen, and yet secretly wishing that I was! At school I found opportunities to shine in a couple of modelling pageants. I remember that if there was music and a chance to express myself I was in my element.

But, I was also the girl that did not ask to continue with ballet classes instead of piano. I was not brave enough to fight for my dancing dream when I got married. Instead, I let myself be led by my husband’s dreams and hobbies. Feeling loved and accepted in my relationship was so important to me that it always tipped the scale, and my dreams never weighed enough. I became lost in what I thought others wanted me to be, always comparing myself and always falling short. I did not live up to expectations of being a perfect wife. I could not even bake like everyone else could. And that became my proof of everything I could not do, and of everything I was not. I was not a perfect housewife. I was not even a good mother.

And the critique I allowed and endured broke my heart and stole my colour. I lived in monochrome, trapped in a grey world of anxiety, depression, low self esteem and no voice.

Wanting to change I went on a growth journey, with lots of winding roads and trial and error. If only I knew in my early adulthood what I know now. I finally rediscovered my inner light and my colour. Learning to love myself and who I was created to be was the most empowering, liberating and joyful experience. And it had a bigger impact than I ever dreamed it could have.

Suddenly I had a voice as well as the courage to share what’s in my heart. Public speaking is now one of my greatest joys! As I grew into THIS me, I became more engaged as a mom and was better equipped to help them grow. It also took the pressure off my hubby and family to make me happy, which brought freedom and release into the relationships to just be ME.

Loving myself is the best gift I have given to my family.

But it’s a hard road to travel alone. And it’s often easier to follow in the footsteps of those who have gone before. But to have the lights switched on and spilling over into every area of your life is worth the journey.

Are you ready to brave such a journey? To find your voice, your worth, your confidence…to find your light? Just imagine, if you lived radiantly, how would it change your life? Your relationships, your family, your work? If you lived radiantly, whose life would your light touch? And how would it change their hearts?

I live radiantly and in full colour. And so can you.

Join my next intake starting on 3 March 2023.

What does the journey look like?

A 15-week journey combining self-study videos, quizzes, assignments and journaling as well as live group zoom lessons to give chance to practice the skills and concepts with each other.

For the first 3 weeks, we’ll start with the Neuroscience of Getting Unstuck to build the foundational understanding of how your mind works, why you are designed not to change, and how to work with your brain effectively to get unstuck. Then, we will move into the 12-week Live Brave course focusing on how to apply these concepts specifically to developing your confidence and self-esteem. We’ll get very practical, equipping ourselves with communication skills and resilience tools to help you deal with whatever life is currently throwing at you.

All the content is built on Christian principles. This flows from a very deep personal journey, that required as much spiritual growth as renewing my mind, and I’ve experienced and seen the value and favour of the combination of both neuroscience and faith.

We will be digging deep into the problems you are facing and have faced in the past. This is not just a theoretical course, but a heart or soul level journey. You will be discovering parts of yourself you never knew about.

Apply and master the skills

Not only that, we have used brain-friendly principles in the design of the course, making sure that you have lots of opportunity to apply, practice and master the skills to make a real difference in your life and relationships.

What if nothing changes?

In fact, we are so confident that your life will change for the better after this course, that we’re offering you our “Real Deal Guarantee” to prove it. If you apply all the learning and tools from both the Neuroscience of Getting Unstuck and Live Brave courses and you don’t experience any change in your life, we’ll refund you 100% of the course fees AND we’ll give you free coaching to help you figure out where you might be going wrong, or how you can achieve the change you want to see.

Get the support you need to make the changes for good

I will be your biggest fan, motivator and accountability buddy on this journey of change. I know what it’s like to journey alone, the struggle of broken promises to yourself that next time it will be different. And then having to pick yourself up after the next knock that life gives you. You don’t have to take this journey alone.

By committing to this process, you will have that weekly support and accountability from me (your facilitator) and the other participants in the live zoom classes as well as the weekly tasks and homework to keep you focused and committed on the vision of who you want to become – your beautiful, colourful, confident self.

And to really energize your growth throughout the process, you will receive a journal with daily prompts to help you take control of your thought life, your spiritual direction and discoveries and keep your eyes on the prize!

And that prize is so worth it. To feel worthy, to know that you are enough. To be able to love yourself, rather than killing yourself waiting for others’ approval. To be confident enough to try new things and achieve the dreams you always wanted but never believed would be possible. To have a voice, and to have the things you say matter to those around you. To have better and healthier relationships with your friends and family. To have a partner that accepts you for who you are. To live a fulfilling life with a meaningful job and career. To live courageously and without regrets.

That life is not only possible, it’s available to you NOW.

Don’t wait ! Be part of my next intake now, to set yourself up for a 2023 that will be radiant and in full colour!


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