Terms of Service

Who we are & contact information

LifeXchange NPC is a registered non-for-profit company and a public beneficiary organisation.

Our physical address is: 45 Jefferson Road, Cape Town, South Africa

Postal address: PO BOX 22396, Fish Hoek, 7875

Email: admin@lifexchange.co.za

Our website address is: https://growth.lifexchangesolutions.com

Terms of use for your website

This website and all content on the website belongs to the LifeXchange NPC. No discrimination or abusive language towards any members on the website, or to any member of the public will be tolerated.


Should our customer/student not be satisfied with the course or service purchased, LifeXchange guarantees a 100% refund within the first 30-days, from the date of purchase.

Shipping time frames and terms

All courses are online and immediately accessible once payment has been received. Some courses might have specific start dates that will be available on the course information page which one can visit before purchasing the course or service.

Return processing

Should the customer/student not be satisfied with the course or service purchased the customer/student, should follow the following process: (1) Email admin@lifexchange.co.za (2) provide reason for requesting refund (3) provide banking details for refund.

Privacy disclaimers

Please see privacy policy

Product descriptions

LifeXchange NPC products includes (1) online courses (2) individual coaching (3) group coaching (4) assessments. Groups, forums, newsfeeds, etc are regarded as free and serve as a supporting function to the products.

Intellectual property

All activities, learning material, games, and models used by facilitators and coaches belongs to LifeXchange and cannot be duplicated or distributed unless written permission is given.